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  • The Six Varieties of Love

    Published on 12 Feb 2013

    Need a cure for romantic love? Then turn to the Ancient Greeks, who identified six different kinds of love. Writer and cultural thinker Roman Krznaric talks about their radical and inspiring approach to love, drawing on his book THE WONDERBOX: Curious Histories of How to Live (Profile Books).

    He describes how the Ancient Greeks were far more sophisticated in the art of loving than we are today. Their different words for love included ‘eros(sexual passion), ‘philia(deep friendship), ‘ludus(playful love), ‘pragma(mature love), ‘agape(selfless love) and ‘philautia (self-love).

    Recorded live at All Ears Storythyme, Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, London, November 22, 2011.

    SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT TO ME! Hey lets go about Changing. Want to work on Ludus or perhaps Pragma Wynter?

  • i dunno

    cslewisthink there might be some problems. Twice now I have felt horribly insulted and the dance business got worse.

    1. I told her I had joined The Sangha in second life. The Buddhist Centre. She likened their activity as the same as shopping. l dunno maybe it is certainly there are flaws. But I spent three years of intense meditation and study in trying to understand what makes us tick so I would be better equipped to do some good in the world. The fact that I failed is neither here nor there. I tried and I tried hard. Currently there are between 350 to 500 million shoppers in the world.
    2. Satsang is not a Thai restaurant. It is where people come together to hear the teachings of The Buddha. a bit like those new fangled Universities you have in the west. These were started 2,500 years ago in India. i was listening to one when you Skyped me. same teaching as 2.500 years ago. People are still not listening. Too busy eating I guess.
    3. I gave you the notecard on Prana “Prana is a Sanskrit word that refers to the vital energy of the interconnected Universe. Similar to the Chinese qi, the Japanese ki, and the Greek pneuma.  Relationships are all about connections.” The only piece of information you gleaned from the note was “groping”. Not a word about trying to find 5 hours a week to tell your loved ones you cared. At satsang he spoke about teenage suicide and how if we could only spend some time in proper caring, mindfulness, with our kids maybe it would make a difference. suicide is the 11th leading cause of death for all those age 10 and over, with 33,289 suicides for all US citizens in 2006. Think its gone down? Buddhist practice in the West is about groping?
    4. Your intimate dance with the jerk. I mean he wasn’t even a friend. And you were caressing him dressed like this=

    tarti had already remarked that it was clear you had shaved your bikini line. AND you were slow sexy dancing with him while I was working. Leaning back into his arms caressing his cheek.  I saw you. It is imprinted. i was so upset I pulled the plug out of my computer as it hurt so much. You said he was only interested in talking about his kids. Yeah right. Of course he was.

    Irreconcilable differences pop into my head. But I can’t bear to show you this. I can’t bear it. So I’ll let it all go but I wrote this on  Monday 11th February 2013. just so you know and that’s why I’m a bit cold and reserved and very sad. And why I think my jester outfit is suitable attire for Valentines Day. I was going to ask you to be my valentine. Think I’ll leave it until next year. Here’s a picture of The Clown that you must think I am.




    edited 12th of February:


    She rejected me again. Needed to go and wander. When imed said she was on the phone about her sick cousin in the UK. So why leave? She wanted to wander off “alone”. AND “wander” is not the same as “I’m going to call my family” JEEZ! AND then she says “My family is more important to me” . DUH! Talk about a stupid remark compounding an even more stupid excuse. Why say “wander” instead of the truth that she wanted to do family stuff? she just didn’t want to be with me. There is no intimacy . Her crass “mad genius” “cleverest man in sl” falls on empty ears. She is just not interested. She wants a “Buggie”. I guess I was foolish to think someone who would go out with someone like him for 11 months would be my type.  I want a gf who will talk about books and movies like samsara and hitchcock and philosophy and art and technology and social consequences and life and suffering and poetry and joy and peace and war and hopes and dreams and anger and all the mysteries of life. She wants to talk about feathers. Men run from her? Yeah right. Well I think I will run too.

    She doesn’t want me.

    Hope we stay friends.

    Shit, I had such hopes……………………….She thinks sl is a game where you dress up and play. She doesn’t understand its a community just as real as rl. I don’t play games, life is too short. I don’t play games while Rome is burning. I listen to talks on teenage suicide. She goes shopping. And no doubt she says “Oh I get all that at work. I go to sl to relax and have fun” yardy yardy ya heard that one before a million times. SL is a game for you but talking about real stuff well that’s for rl. Well I don’t have a “rl” so sl is all I have. 17 years I have spent in this arsehole of a town (because my daughter lives here) I have 1 customer and 1 friend I see once every two months; who also happens to believe quite strongly that an online relationship isn’t real.

    Irreconcilable differences. But I still love you. You are a great  woman. I’m sure we will be good business partners. I am sad it didn’t work out but I was getting you on the rebound anyway.


  • Last Post

    we had a row because she was dancing an intimate dance with a jerk who publicly humiliated me the day before. She asked him to dance. She was practically half naked. After an exchange of emails i sent her this.:

    The Laughter

    What fun the Philip / Dude complex is. Clingingly yielding light and dark, laughter and tears, a darkness of emotions. Funny hehehe. How may we embrace this beast except with laughter. He ponces on his little stages and makes judgement calls.ooo000ooo Dude. lol.

    You are not my gf yet.

    The Desperation

    aaawww the poor soul.So desperate for a companion quonce [I claim it as a neologism for 4 times] failed. Not remembering “Have no attachments O Lanoo”. Yep tough stuff.

    But you are not my gf yet.

    The Mind

    Well I got the signals right? Got introduced to her best friend who approves. Ability to keep her amused for longer than 10 minutes. Taking her out to a new club. SEEING HER LIVE, fucking milestone that one. Um n stuff. So i in my lil mind i came to the conclusion you were my gf.Sorekara [Japanese common word meaning “Therefore it follows” the Japanese are telepathetic. It has a large number of emphaese) lol sorekara, when I saw ” mygf ” dancing semi naked with a jerk. I got somewhat miffed. As you are

    Not my gf yet.


    she replied

    She told me she didn’t understand the concept of ” gf” . She was with this guy for 11 months but wasn’t his gf.  I don’t understand,  but she doesn’t want me as a bf.

    cos right now I don’t love a damn
    thing, not even myself.

    so that’s it, she told me to look elsewhere


      if you find a lovely gf – I will be her friend too. I suspect you already
    have someone in mind.
    Our business commitment stands and I will not let you down.


    I got the killer line “We can still be friends”

    so this is the last post.


    I thought there was an “us” Look at this:>


    AND i  sent this to Kameleon Dreams for their Valentines Day wall. will be up all day. too late to take it down they are having a bash on the 13th, was going to ask her to be my valentine, Feel stupid now:<


    I thought she was my gf . Now I have to look elsewhere.



    p d

    tear Update: she gave me a slap and said i was daft



  • Hello Wynter!

    wynterbedusNot my gf yet. Not ready. But she will be. She writes Poetry but I’m a bit scared of lt. She has an awesome job, bit scared of that too. She annoys me sometimes when I want to be serious and she wants to be flighty, BUT when I hear her giggle, so animatedly it warms my heart.  She is not a lightweight, sigh, but I would like her to slow down a tad. E’ve said that to all “my ” women. I blame teleporters. Why we can’t fly or sail like you can in Entropia. It can take you hours to get somewhere. The journey is great. You get to know your passengers. When you have a starship in between spaces you can reflect and meditate.

    And she gets all bubbly and wants to go around the world. Am I a short term thing a stop gap until she gets swept of her feet? My feet are sorry here, my nostrils drip with dreams, the ravens kiss…..shes not free of the past. It haunts her. Am I the rebound? I have three months to prove myself, as you see, I want her to be my gf.

    Here’s my chart says nothing about love. I am a Utopian.